Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nokia goes Open Source

On February 23rd of this year Nokia announced that Symbian had become Open Source. Google’s Open Source Android mobile phones and the smart phone by Apple (iPhone) have dominated the market with their innovation, beauty and excellence for the last 2 years.

What about Nokia?

Nokia phones can be found in every corner of the planet. There are over 330 million Symbian devices that have been shipped worldwide. We have all owned at some stage a Nokia device and we are aware of the simplicity and beauty of Symbian OS. In the fast development era of smart phones Nokia was losing market share so in order to come back into the game Symbian went Open Source.

By back-porting the S60 in the Qt framework developers all over the world now have the access necessary to create applications for Nokia’s Symbian. That is revolutionary because the Qt framework is used in most platforms including Linux, Mac, KDE, embedded systems, etc. That means that every application that is already made can easily be ported to Symbian through this framework. Also it makes it easy for programmers to develop fast new applications since they don’t need much time to adapt to programming for smart phones.

Nokia has been a leader in telecommunications for 20 years. By going Open Source with Symbian they show that they are still innovators in the field. In the next two years we will all be surprised by the new applications running through our Nokia smart phones.

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